Violation of the NSW Constitution Act 1902?

From the author ~ Letters to NSW Speaker Jonathon O'Dea regarding Member for Wakehurst, Minister for Health and Medical Research Brad Hazzard and his violation of s13A (1) (b) of the NSW Constitution Act 1902. Hazzard, by his own televised and recorded statements, has on more than one instance declared his adherence and/or obedience to a foreign power. Mr Hazzard has several time referred to the "New World Order" in such a way as to impart to the people of NSW that the loss of their freedoms due to COVID are the result of powers and authorities over and above those of the NSW Government. Given Mr Hazzard's vast and unaccountable powers under a health emergency, his invocation of the New World Order can only be understood as a signal that he is performing actions under the control of this foreign power. With Parliament adjourned, the Speaker Mr O'Dea must, now advised of this breach, acknowledge a vacancy in the seat of Wakehurst and issue writs.