The International Data Privacy and Compliance Handbook

There are a total of 13 privacy principles under the Federal Privacy Act 1988 with the sole purpose of making sure businesses are transparent about how they handle and process personal data. If you have already prepared for the GDPR, much of GDPR compliance will apply in Australia. There are a few caveats, but the idea is the same. Citizens have the right to know what a company is doing with their data.
Every country has its own compliance standards and it can be hard for any IT organization to keep up. Are you compliant now? Can you pass a compliance audit? Learn what you need to know and what you need to do to protect your organization.
This handbook covers the following:
  • International Regulatory Compliance Standards and Legal Requirements
  • Preparing for An Audit
  • Building an Effective Security Response Team
The principles clearly state that businesses need to be transparent with how and why they collect data and must respect a person's anonymity, and a person must consent to the collection of personal or sensitive data and a business should only collect this data under reasonable circumstances. Reasonable circumstances will be if a business needs to have personal information on file to provide a service requested by that respective person. Use common sense here and don’t collect more personal data than you need and make sure that data that is collected is protected.


12 pages


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