When most people think of the word ‘Crown’ they automatically think of a jewelled headpiece. However, in a constitutional sense, the word has a far deeper meaning in an Australian context for it embodies the authority and the functions of government confined by the restraints established by the Australian constitution.

It was the decision of the Australian people at the referendums of 1899 and 1900 that Australia would have its own system of governance subject only to the will of the Australian people but that we would remain under the Crown of the United Kingdom on the basis that that Crown would be subject solely to the Australian constitution and to no external influence.

Because the parliament is established under the Crown, the King is the head of the parliament represented by her Governor-General. This is why all members of the federal parliament are constitutionally required to swear or affirm allegiance to the King as are members of the defence and police services etc.

The Australian Monarch is a creature of Statute previously created by the Royal Style and Titles Act 1973, this Act created a title for the late Queen Elizabeth the Second to adopt for use in relation to Australia and its Territories, but what of the current Monarch King Charles III, has the Australian Parliament created a new title for the Monarch to adopt for use in relation to Australia and its Territories? Is there a current Australian Monarch or is the current system running off a general acceptance?



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