Klaus Schwab Says People Will Soon Wear ‘Brain Impants’ so the WEF Can Read Their Thoughts

Schwab's plans for humanity sheds further light on the trans-humanist WEF

A recently resurfaced video taken at the World Economic Forum shows director Klaus Schwab boasting that, within 10 years, the people of the world will be wearing “brain implants” so that the globalist WEF can “measure your brain waves” and read your thoughts.

The disturbing brain implant fantasy laid out by WEF director Klaus Schwab, the mega-rich heir of a leading Third Reich industrialist, was recorded during a 2017 World Economic Forum summit in Davos, Switzerland, and has only recently re-entered the public eye. Its resurfacing comes on the heels of several other disturbing video clips and statements in which Schwab and his World Economic Forum members have openly expressed their desire to wipe out at least 94% of the world’s population, block out the sun with “space bubbles,” and “capture” powerful positions in governments worldwide.

During his 2017 talk on forcing “implants” into the brains of humans and tracking their every thought, Schwab was joined on-stage by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, a key player in the big tech transhumanist scene.

Transhumanist artificial intelligence, “touches every single one of [Google’s] main projects, ranging from search to photos to ads,” Brin said on stage, alongside Schwab, adding that WEF-approved tech tyranny touches
“everything we do.”

Lauding advancements in what has become openly anti-human technology, Schwab told Brin and those in the audience that, within 10 years, everyone on earth will be wearing brain implants. This will allow the WEF and their associates to “measure your brain waves” and “immediately tell you how the people react.”

“Can you imagine in 10 years when we are sitting here, we have an implant in our brains and I can immediately feel – because you all will have implants. I can measure your brain waves and I can immediately tell you how the people react, or I can feel how the people react to your answers,” Schwab said to Brin, who looked on with amazement.

“You cannot stop it,” Schwab bragged of his tyrannical plan.

While at face value, many may dismiss Schwab’s brain implant fantasies as the stuff of science fiction movies, National File has closely covered the powerful World Economic Forum and their dystopic plans for humanity, showing that the statements of Schwab and his associates should be taken very seriously.

As previously mentioned, Schwab is the son of a powerful Third Reich industrialist. By way of the World Economic Forum, where he has united with Israeli scientists, big tech oligarchs, and deep state politicians, Schwab plans to roll out what equates to true worldwide fascism – a global merger of the corporation and the state.

According to their public plans for the world, once the WEF has “captured” enough seats in governments, a “great reset,” powered by big tech’s “fourth industrial revolution,” will reshape the world, and supposedly-elected governments will share legislative power with mega-corporations.

With their political operations already well underway, the World Economic Forum touts powerful politicians among its ranks, including Congressional Republicans Dan Crenshaw and Elise Stefanik. Klaus Schwab himself has personally mentioned the likes of California Governor Gavin Newsome and authoritarian Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as two of his favorite WEF-sponsored government officials.