Covid 19 Class Action filed.

A class action against the Australian Government, the Department of Health and Aged Care Secretary Dr Brendan Murphy and the Deputy Secretary of Health Products Regulation Group Adjunct Professor John Skerrit (“the Respondents”) in the Federal Court of Australia on behalf of the Lead Applicant (“the Applicant”) and other Covid-19 vaccination injured parties (“Group Members”) to recover compensation for injuries obtained as a result of taking one or more Covid-19 vaccines.

The Applicant alleges that the Respondents’ actions to advance the acceptance and use of the various approved Covid-19 vaccines constitutes negligence and/or misfeasance. They further allege that such negligence/misfeasance caused class members to suffer loss or damage, including but not limited to:-

  1. personal injury;

  2. health care expenses;

  3. additional out-of-pocket expenses;

  4. economic loss;

  5. the need for gratuitous care and, additionally or alternatively, commercial care; and/or

  6. non-economic loss.