Court and Fee Waiver Guide

In South Australia the court, usually a Master, will assess your application, and may either provide direction to the Registrar as to how to proceed, or the court may assume control of the application and make the decision.
Criteria for waiver or reduction of fees ~ The Registrar can waive, reduce, refund or defer the payment of the whole or part of a fee where, on the ground of financial hardship, it is in the interests of justice to do so in the circumstances.
Criteria for deferral of fees ~ A Registrar or an authorised officer can defer the time for payment of a fee (other than for production of a court file and copying of documents, service or execution of process or seizure and sale of goods), where in their opinion, either: • the need to file the document is so urgent that it overrides the requirement to pay the filing fee before the document is filed.
Criteria for deferral of fees ~ The Registrar may defer the payment of a filing fee or hearing fee if in the Registrar’s opinion the need to file a document or hear the proceeding is so urgent that it overrides the requirement to pay the fee when the fee would be otherwise be payable.


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