Can you find the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s Oath of Allegiance consistent with the parameters prescribed by the Constitution? “We cant?”

In July 2020, we wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison to discover if his oath was consistent with the Constitutional parameters in respect of the oath all Ministers must take. The inquiry under the Freedom of Information Act yielded no results, this is because the oath taken fails to be consistent with the parameters the constitution binds all Members of Parliament to. We now, again have asked the same question to the current Prime Minister Anthony Albanese which will be no surprise to our readers yielded another result of non-compliance under the Commonwealth Constitution. Below is a response from the office of Prime Minister regarding his oath.
Dear Prime Minister Anthony Albanese,
I make request for documents under section 15 of the Freedom of Information Act.

The Request
I request a copy of the oath or affirmation of allegiance as required by section forty two of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act made and subscribed to by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, as provided in the Schedule consistent with the note found within the Schedule prior to the Minister taking his position within the Parliament of the Commonwealth as prescribed by section one.
 If the first requested document cannot be found I request such document showing any undertaking that the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese made prior to taking his position in the Parliament of the Commonwealth.
If the first requested document cannot be found I request such information that provides the reason the oath or affirmation was not in accordance to the terms in the first request.
Please find attached below to assist you in locating the document, a copy of an oath of a previous member of the house of representatives meeting the constitutional requirements of section one, forty two and the schedule as required and requested.


Thank you for processing my request, can you be so kind as to acknowledge receipt of this Request.
Please note I only seek the constitutionally compliant document and do not seek the opinions of the ministers staff.