What is the Price of Vaccination?$?

Vaccination Dose Delivery Payment (Page 22)

Through the Vaccination Dose Delivery Payment, the Commonwealth will provide a 50 per cent contribution to the agreed price per vaccination dose delivered by the States, through monthly payments.

The Commonwealth will contribute to the agreed price per vaccination dose delivered for all persons living in Australia. This includes all Australian citizens, permanent residents and all visa holders including those who are not eligible for Medicare.

The agreed price per vaccination dose delivered is $27.50. Where a person receives the vaccine in a State vaccination facility that is in an area classified as Modified Monash 2-7, the agreed price per vaccination is $32.45.

The agreed price covers the costs directly related to the delivery of vaccinations. Additional costs incurred by States are not included in recognition of the Commonwealth’s significant upfront investment in the acquisition and delivery of vaccines, as well as costs for consumables.




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