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Moderna, Inc.
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•failure to timely advance our programs or receive the necessary regulatory approvals or a delay in receiving such approvals, due to, among other reasons, slow or failure to complete enrollment in clinical trials, withdrawal by trial participants from trials, failure to achieve trial endpoints, additional time requirements for data analysis, data integrity issues, Biologics License Application, or BLA, or the equivalent application, discussions with the FDA or EMA, a regulatory request for additional nonclinical or clinical data, or safety formulation or manufacturing issues may lead to our inability to obtain sufficient funding; and
•the proprietary rights of others and their competing products and technologies that may prevent our mRNA medicines from being commercialized.
Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA. Unlike certain gene therapies that irreversibly alter cell DNA and could act as a source of side effects, mRNA-based medicines are designed to not irreversibly change cell DNA; however, side effects observed in gene therapy could negatively impact the perception of mRNA medicines despite the differences in mechanism. In addition, because no product in which mRNA is the primary active ingredient has been approved, the regulatory pathway for approval is uncertain. The number and design of the clinical trials and preclinical studies required for the approval of these types of medicines have not been established, may be different from those required for gene therapy products, or may require safety testing like gene therapy products. Moreover, the length of time necessary to complete clinical trials and to submit an application for marketing approval for a final decision by a regulatory authority varies significantly from one pharmaceutical product to the next, and may be difficult to predict.
*We have incurred significant losses since our inception and anticipate that we will continue to incur significant losses for the foreseeable future.
We have incurred net losses in each year since our inception in 2009, including net losses of $514.0 million, $384.7 million and $255.9 million for the years ended December 31, 2019, 2018 and 2017, respectively. As of June 30, 2020, we had an accumulated deficit of $1.74 billion.
We have devoted most of our financial resources to research and development, including our clinical and preclinical development activities and the development of our platform. To date, we have financed our operations primarily through the sale of equity securities and proceeds from strategic alliances and through grants from governmental and private organizations. The amount of our future net losses will depend, in part, on the rate of our future expenditures and our ability to obtain funding through equity or debt financings, sales of assets, strategic alliances, or additional grants. Other than with respect to mRNA-1273, we have not commenced or completed pivotal clinical trials for any of our programs in clinical trials, which means that for most of our investigational medicines it may be several years, if ever, before we or our strategic collaborators have a product ready for commercialization. Even if we obtain regulatory approval to market an investigational medicine, our future revenues will depend upon the size of any markets in which our investigational medicines have received approval, and our ability to achieve sufficient market acceptance, reimbursement from third-party payors, and adequate market share in those markets. We may never achieve profitability.
We expect to continue to incur significant expenses and increasing operating losses for the foreseeable future. We anticipate that our expenses will increase substantially if and as we:
•continue or expand our research or development of our programs in preclinical development;
•continue or expand the scope of our mRNA clinical trials for our investigational medicines;
•initiate additional preclinical, clinical, or other studies for our development candidates and investigational medicines, including under our strategic alliance agreements;
•continue to invest in our platform to conduct research to identify novel mRNA technology improvements, including identifying novel methods of mRNA delivery, such as lipid nanoparticles, or LNPs, that improve distribution and uptake of mRNA to specific tissues;
•change or add to internal manufacturing capacity or capability;
•change or add additional manufacturers or suppliers;
•add additional infrastructure to our quality control and quality assurance groups to support our operations as we progress our investigational medicines, including mRNA-1273, toward commercialization;
•attract and retain skilled personnel, particularly in Cambridge and Norwood, Massachusetts and in other global regions where we may establish operations;
•create additional infrastructure to support our operations as a public company and our product development and planned future commercialization efforts, including new sites in the United States and abroad;
•seek marketing approvals and reimbursement for our investigational medicines;
•establish a sales, marketing, and distribution infrastructure to commercialize any products for which we may obtain marketing approval;
•seek to identify and validate additional development candidates and investigational medicines;
•acquire or in-license other development candidates, investigational medicines, and technologies;
•make milestone or other payments under any in-license agreements;



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