Independent Investigation of Complaints against the Police

Police are granted powers by the state and it is the state’s responsibility to ensure that these powers are not abused. Police must be fully accountable for their every action when interacting with citizens.

Police who abuse the trust of Victorians must be held accountable. Existing accountability mechanisms
in Victoria have consistently failed to maintain accountability, uphold human rights, change police behaviour or improve practices.

The use of force, or the use of coercive and invasive powers, are a routine part of a police member’s job. Police are provided with weapons including guns, Tasers, OC (pepper) spray and batons. Police arrest, detain, stop, question and search people, their cars and homes, all of which impacts on fundamental human rights and freedoms.

The abuse of force or power has a profound and detrimental impact on all those who experience it, their families and entire communities. It undermines safety, self- worth and belonging and it erodes faith in the institutions of democracy and the rule of law. Even minor excesses by Police can have a significant impact on the community.





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