Criminal and Civil Justice Act 1351

None shall be taken upon suggestion without lawful presentment

Whereas it is contained in the Great Charter of the Franchises of England, that none shall be imprisoned nor put out of his freehold, nor of his franchises nor free custom, unless it be by the law of the land;

It is accorded, assented, and established, that from henceforth none shall be taken by petition or suggestion made to our Lord the King, or to his Council, unless it be by indictment or presentment of good and lawful people of the same neighbourhood where such deeds be done, in due manner, or by process made by writ original at the common law;

And that none be deprived of his franchises, or of his freeholds, unless he be duly brought into answer, and forejudged of the same by the course of the law;

And if anything be done against the same, it shall be redressed and holden for none.



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