What does the Victoria Police Uphold the Right Motto mean



The Victoria Police Motto is “Uphold the Right”, but, what does that actually mean? Let’s take a look at the Code of Conduct, the Victoria Police Mission Statement and the Code of Ethics and explore how they play a fundamental role in the formation of the Victoria Police Motto.

Watch the video to discover what Uphold the Right means and why you need to know as an applicant.

In This Episode

00:18 – Part of your application process is research
00:43 – You need to look at the Code of Conduct
01:41 – The terms of the motto
01:51 – Peoples basic rights
02:07 – Uphold the Right’s objective
02:18 – Diving deeper into the Code of Ethics
03:20 – The different levels of the Motto

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Hi, it’s Russell here, Prime Motion Training. Just recently, one of my members, Chris, asked me about the Victoria Police motto, and the question was, “What does it actually mean?” So, in this short video, I’m going to address that question for you.

Okay, so if you’ve been preparing to join Victoria Police, part of that process, of course, will require some research. And no doubt, you’ve already come across the Victoria Police motto, which is to: “Uphold The Right.” But what does “Uphold The Right” actually mean?

Within the Code of Conduct is the Mission Statement

Well, to answer that, we really need to take a look at the Victoria Police Code of Conduct, and within the Code of Conduct, you might be familiar with the mission statement. The mission statement is Victoria Police’s mission or objective, and that objective is, “To provide a safe, secure and orderly society.” In part, they achieve that by serving the community, and by serving the law.

Okay, so, in terms of the upholding the right, the right is for people to live in a safe, secure and orderly society.

We all have should enjoy the basic rights

Everybody has the right to go about their business in that kind of environment where they’re not going to be murdered, they’re not going to have their property damaged, or stolen, and they’re not going to have their home invaded, they’re not going to have their children kidnapped, or a drunk driver crash into their car, and injure them.

Everyone has that right, to live in that kind of safe, secure and orderly society, and that’s what Victoria Police’s mission or objective is, is to create that society, where everybody can have that right.

Don’t forget the Code of Ethics

The other section that we need to look at, though, is a different part of the Code of Conduct, and that is the Code of Ethics. When you read the Code of Ethics, you’ll notice that it talks about, “I uphold the right.” Then it goes on to say, “By acting impartially, with integrity, and by providing service excellence to everyone.”

In Summary

Okay, so just to finish off, if we look at the mission statement, that’s more of an organizational level. Whereas, the Code of Ethics is more like an individual pledge for each member of Victoria Police. When we combine the mission statement and the Code of Ethics, we end up creating this situation where Victoria Police can achieve its objective of upholding the right.

Okay, well I hope you found that helpful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me. Otherwise, good luck with your application to join Victoria Police.

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