We’re Australian Doctors actually exempt from liability for Vaccine damage?

During the COVID-19 vaccine rollout the Australian public as well as medical practitioners were led to believe they were exempt from liability due to an established indemnity scheme. Recent correspondence from government advisers outlined that a medical indemnity scheme for health professionals administering the COVID-19 vaccines was never established, The High court’s decision of Rogers v Whittaker 1992 sets today’s precedent and standard for informed consent obligations. A doctor has a duty to warn a patient of any material risk involved in a proposed treatment, or else risk tortious liability from patients.

Did your Doctor warn you of the risks involved with taking the COVID-19 vaccine? It is clear you have a right to exercise against a Doctor if risks were not made transparent to you at the time and you now suffer from the administration of the vaccine. This will bring long lasting repercussions for the Medical Industry for years to come.



Correspondence evidencing the scheme was never established.