WARRANT LAWS ~ A warrant ~ “MUST” ~ be in the prescribed form.

Below is a compilation of Acts and Rules evidencing the confusing world of the Sheriffs Warrant, laws are to be drafted in a simple and easy to read fashion but here we see the deliberate confusion bought about by Victorian legislators that even lawyers have difficulty following & understanding, one would ask themselves why are these laws spread over so many Acts and Regulations and not compiled in one easy to understand chronology.

A warrant must be in the Prescribed Form, not a schedule of details as perpetuated by ALL Sheriffs expecting you to believe their inaccurate fraudulent paperwork inconsistent with the laws of Victoria.

The most important point to remember while in court for an infringement is Section 4, that the Infringements Act is to be read as one with Magistrates' Court Act 1989 and Criminal Procedure Act 2009, prosecutors hate it when you know this little unknown fact.

Pay close attention as certain provisions can be used in tandem with each other.

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