The World Health Organisation is seeking greater power

If there has been one consistent theme of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that the “experts” have consistently been wrong.

Initially, the WHO failed to scrutinise China’s role in the outbreak. One can only wonder why?

Then, echoing the advice of the World Health Organisation, the experts were wrong about lockdowns, which dismantled economies and ended more lives than they saved.

They were wrong about the efficacy of masks, the dangers of COVID-19 itself, and the safety and efficacy of the mandatory mRNA injections, which don’t prevent one from catching or transmitting the virus and are linked to adverse events including myocarditis and death.

Now, the World Health Assembly, the WHO’s decision-making body, is seeking to amend its International Health Regulations, which has 194 member states including Australia and create a new international “convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response”, the so-called “Pandemic Treaty”.

These proposed amendments together with the Pandemic Treaty would grant the WHO more power over any future “global health emergencies” it declares, including a future pandemic.

I recently voiced my concerns about the WHO and the decisions that are being made behind closed doors. You can watch that social media video below:

Some of the proposed amendments include:

  • Erasing the words “with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons” and replacing them with “based on the principles of equity, inclusivity, coherence and in accordance with their common but appreciated responsibilities of the States Parties, taking into consideration their social and economic development.” (Your guess is as good as mine as to what that means).
  • Granting the WHO greater access to the personal and private data of citizens in its preparation for and response to a health emergency.
  • Potentially allowing the WHO to rely on undisclosed sources for information on health emergencies within member states and granting the WHO the authority to declare health emergencies without obtaining verification from the relevant member state.
  • Strengthening its ties to universities, government departments, and social media platforms to ensure that messaging which contradicts its perspective is censored. This even though much of what was deemed “misinformation and disinformation” by the WHO in 2020 is now accepted as fact.

The WHO has also suggested that it should be able to make recommendations to member states with respect to international travel, including the following:

  • “require proof of vaccination or other prophylaxis”
  • “require vaccination or other prophylaxis”
  • “place suspect persons under public health observation”
  • “implement quarantine or health measures for suspect persons”

These are sweeping, draconian proposals that, if implemented, could take us further down the totalitarian rabbit-hole.

These amendments are a power-grab, plain and simple. We must raise our collective voices on this issue, or suffer the fate of being ruled by unelected and unaccountable health “experts” with questionable ties to big pharma and foreign adverse interests such as the CCP.