In the Halsbury's Law of England Sedition has been defined as follows,

"Sedition is a misdemeanour at common law consisting of acts done, words spoken and published, or writings capable of being a libel published, in each case with an intention

  1. i)  to bring into hatred or to excite disaffection against , the queen or the government and the constitution; or
  2. ii)  to excite the Queen's subjects to attempt , otherwise than by lawful means , the alteration of any matter in church or state by law established; or
  3. iii)  to incite persons to commit any crime in general disturbance of the peace; or
  4. iv)  to raise discontent or disaffection amongst her Majesty's subjects; or
  5. v)  to promote ill-will and hostility between different classes of those subjects.





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