Retired judge Stuart Lindsay at Adelaide Freedom Rally on Sunday 6 December 2020

When a retired Judge speaks out, one can only see through the deception.


I came here today to speak the truth, to speak the truth publicly.

I hope to say important things... I feel and I have felt for some months now that I am being suffocated with lies. It’s even as if I’m being caroled into living a lie.

Does anyone else feel like that?

Well I’ve reached the position some weeks ago that that’s it, I’m not taking it any more, I’m fighting back...

Now on the 25th of March this year, under the Emergency Management Act, a state of emergency was declared. Eight months ago, a state of emergency. The reason given for the state of emergency was in these terms: the outbreak of the Human Disease COVID-19. No other excuse was given for a state of emergency in our democracy for 8 months. The outbreak of the Human Disease COVID-19.

Well let’s talk about the Human Disease COVID-19 for a moment, shall we?

In South Australia there have been 4 deaths from this disease. Now if you look at the Commonwealth statistics we know that 73% of coronavirus deaths have another condition attached to them, another condition that is difficult to unravel but would probably kill a person anyway. So we’re entitled to say, it’s rational to say, applying that 73% to the figures we have, we’ve had one death. Now I’m not going to through the usual platitudes that people have to adopt when talking about this particular illness and say one death is too many, of course it is. I don’t seem to know for whom the bell tolls, I know it tolls for me but I’m not going to do this sentimental talk about deaths, let’s look death in the face, let’s stare this virus in the face. So let me say that again, the outbreak of the human disease COVID-19 is the only reason for this state of emergency. The human disease COVID-19 has killed one person in South Australia in eight months. What an insult to our intelligence. What a betrayal of our democracy.

We can talk about dollars and statistics of course and there are other people that know more than I can about these matters but we’ve had 700,000 tests for the virus in South Australia, from the official government website, there have been 700 positive outcomes, that’s 0.1%, one in a thousand, does that assist you in getting this lie into perspective?

Again from the Commonwealth government statistics the average age of persons dying from the coronavirus, and of course this includes the comorbidity, is 85 years of age, that’s higher than the average death rate for Australians in normal circumstances. Nationally no people under the age of 19 have died with the virus. Ten people between the age of 20 and 50, ten people between the age of 50 and 60, nearly all who have contracted this virus have been known to have had what can rationally been called and fairly and logically, mild symptoms. It is the feeblest pandemic in human history.

Now the only other math pertaining to the physical characteristic of the virus I’d like to to mention because as I say this is the first chance I’ve had and maybe the first chance many of you have had for us to exchange this information publicly. Have you heard it on the nightly news on Channel 7? Have you heard that figure of one death, or are you just bombarded relentlessly with statistics that tell you about an outbreak, an outbreak of one or two people who no doubt recover very rapidly if they suffer any symptoms at all.

The other statistic I was going to tell you about is to be found in the Nature magazine which is an august authoritative scientific publication, and it tells you that 17% in terms of people infected with the virus are asymptomatic - display no symptoms. And it also tells us that people who are asymptomatic are four to five times less likely to transmit it. Now put those two facts together and may I suggest you don’t have to be Marie Curie or Alexander Fleming to see the importance of those figures in reducing the potency of virus. We’re entitled to exercise common sense. If we feel well, it’s likely we won’t have it. If we see someone expressing symptoms of the virus we’ll stay away from them. We won’t visit our sick grannies if we don't feel well. This is common sense.

Now you may have noticed I refer to 19th November as Black Thursday the 19th November when a million people were ordered to stay in their homes in this state. On Black Thursday you may have noticed the ambiguity expressed at the press conference with the three amigos, relating to whether or not masks would actually be mandatory, it was deliberately vague and ambiguous let me tell you, unlike the Victorian government which had the power to impose such a ridiculous measure for no purpose, the South Australia government was constrained by the power of the Emergency Services Act. The Police Commissioner, the chief coordinator under this fake emergency had the power to order us to wear masks but only if it could be established that it would prevent the transmission of the disease. They knew perfectly well that the imposition of masks wouldn’t go any way to preventing the transmission of the disease. So instead of telling us the truth about that they fudged it. Fudged it so much so that to my experience I don’t know if this was your experience it was certainly my experience: a lot of people thought is was mandatory. I had people accosting me at the supermarket, telling me I was breaking the law, telling me how selfish I was and a law breaker. When I tried to explain these circumstances to him he told me I was delusional.

Of course the key reason the government weren’t prepared to take that on, apart from the fact that let me tell you the legal professional haven’t... so if they’d tried to impose that mask requirement there would have been plenty of lawyers up and about with a digital review application. Be sure of that. The legal profession is not... sorry to say as the medical profession. As far as the political class it has been a total surrender. But the misfortune for the government of course is that just at about the time of Black Thursday and I call it Black Thursday this day of the direction that we must all stay in our home and tens of thousands of businesses must close, I call it Black Thursday not because people died which is the usual association with that monicker, but because of something other something just as precious was on its way to die, and that is our precious liberty.

And here is the problem the government had, just at about the time they wanted to impose the masks, the Danish government released the most effective study, a transparent study of the effectiveness of masks that’s every been undertaken. Try and look it up. Get on your computer and do your Google search, you’ll have to wade through five pages of activist websites and I include the ABC in that of course, five pages of activist websites trying to falsely undermine this brilliant piece of research and data collection. Read if for yourself, it is methodologically impeccable. The sampling criteria they undertook was world’s best practice. Six thousand people participated. Half of them wore masks, half of them didn’t. Over a period of six months, they were tested. Those who were directed to wear the masks they were frequently and carefully instructed on how to use them and their use was monitored. Six months later the test results were in. Of those who wore the masks 1.8% were infected or had been infected with the virus. Of those who didn’t wear the masks 2% were infected. Statistically allowing for a margin of error there was a nil difference between the two figures.

When did you last hear about that on the news? Claims as to the effectiveness of masks are made endlessly on the television stations and in your newspapers. The Adelaide Advertiser in particular -- by whom we are not served well ladies and gentlemen let me tell you -- when were they last fact checking on these ridiculous assertions they make about masks which are made in the teeth in the face of this world class study by the Danish government.

I’ll tell you something about masks in the world I grew up in, the only people who wore masks were rapists, armed robbers, and because of my time living in Belfast in Northern Ireland, I did see Provo gunmen at a cemetery as they fired their rifles over the head of a dead terrorist, I saw them wearing masks. Masks separate us, they divide us into opposing camps. They’re unnatural. I’ve come to the conclusion that the bureaucracies and they paid activists that are supporting the bureaucracy promoting them, intend them to have this effect.

(Indistinct) (extremists) let me assure you that I am not.

I have come to the conclusion that the bureaucracies that are supporting and buttressing this ridiculous state of emergency intend the masks to have this effect. To keep us alarmed they want to keep us anxious and they want to keep us in a position where we are easily manipulated. Do you agree?

What’s more they are conditioning us for even more invasive.

This is obvious to all right thinking people...

Now that the facts about the virus have been stated, spoken publicly, truth has been spoken about it, let’s have a look at the proportionality of the response in relation to it. As we know the first state of emergencies could only be under the legislation that lasted 14 days, do you remember that? Flattening the curve. What a farce. What a farce scientifically, legally, morally. And it’s been extended by a 28 day period since, on eight occasions. It is presently due to expire on 12th December. We have not experienced anything resembling an emergency in that 8 months. It must not be extended. There is no medical, moral or legal reason to extend it, you know this. The lie must not be extended.

I do want to add something I think is very important about the way this regime under the state of emergency operates. Every single act of this regime in the last 8 months has been authorized not by our elected parliament or by our court but by a cabal of bureaucrats headed by the police commissioner as state coordinator. He issues edicts, they are not laws. Let no one tell you you are breaking the law if you don’t follow his direction. You are disobeying an edict. As someone who has spent their life in the law, respecting the law and its traditions, let me tell you that’s a very important distinction.

People described as his “authorized officers” the force of the law, it happens to be the South Australian police force that he uses to for this but it need not be, that could change, they are technically, and this is the police force when they are acting in this role, they are his private army. This is unheard of, they are technically his private army. They are not enforcing laws made by the parliament we elect to make our laws, they are enforcing his private edict.

The distinction between laws and edicts is or was I should say at the heart of what separated us from China or from Soviet Russia or from Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. It's the difference between the rule of law and the rule of rulers. Because they are not laws they can’t be tested in our court.

Perhaps I can tell you briefly about my experience on Black Thursday, on the corner of (Victoria Square and) Gouger street. I ventured out, perhaps I’d taken more trouble to read terms of the direction than other people may have had the opportunity to do, the Law Society told solicitors to stay home, they were wrong, if you read it properly solicitors could still come to their clients needs, I had a conference with a solicitor.

I walked from my home in North Adelaide into town, into a ghost town. I completed my business there and I was on my way into the bank, did you know you could go to the bank, a lot of people knew that. I was walking down Gouger street to the bank when a squad car pulled up, three masked persons with guns who were police officers but weren’t going about the business of being police on that day, they were enforcing edicts under an emergency regulation issued by one man, pulled me over, and the first thing they did was they told me a lie.

They told me the lie that it was against the law to not be wearing a mask. It was a very disenchanting experience for a former judicial officer, for a man in the garb of the South Australian police, (there are police over here I hope they are listening), garb of the South Australian police force proposed that their authority authorized and carrying arms told me a lie. He knew it was a lie because when I challenged him, he backed off. He tried it on. He tried it on just like our Chief Medical Officer tried it on at that press conference. Now they did try to tell me that it was also against the law for me to go to my bank. I accept they were mistaken about that.

The farce in relation to the pizza restaurant at Woodville, can I just say something about that. We’re actually lucky about the sheer incompetence of those three amigos which was on display or Black Thursday might still be with us, we might have still be experiencing this.

And you’ll remember how it happened. The Chief Medical Officer inferred that because someone had apparently contracted the virus from this pizza restaurant like the other persons who had tested positive there had attracted it in situ but had attracted it from ordering a pizza. The Chief Medical Officer took it upon herself to infer that some new strain of the coronavirus, transmitted in the anchovies perhaps, novel coronavirus 19.1. What did she do on the strength of this ridiculous inference she drew. She ordered a million people to stay in their homes.

She closed tens of thousands of businesses down on the basis of this stupid inference made worse on the basis by the circumstance that the whole manic could have been cleared up very quickly if one of her department of health officers had done what one of a probationary police constable could have done in his first week on the force and gone down to the owners of the restaurant and shown them a photograph of this Spanish gentleman who is copping all the criticism from the premier saying "have you seen this man before?", "yes he works out the back!" You don’t have to be Hercule Poirot to work that out.

I’m going to say it again because I love this experience of telling the truth.

On the strength of this ridiculous woman she sent a million people in our state to their homes and locked them in. You’ll understand how preposterous this current regime is. Now I have to say that in relation to our Chief Medical Officer that I’ve heard medical receptionists at small suburban medical practices who speak with more authority about medical matters and I assure you I’m not being disrespectful to medical receptionists. I am being disrespectful to her, deliberately. This is personal.

I'll give you an example of why it's personal. Because you'll recall what happened when this farce was uncovered on the Friday they withdrew the particular direction that obliged people to stay at home but they adjourned it for 36 hours before it took operation. On that Saturday do you not think that tradesmen or hairdressers or shopkeepers would have been happy to have taken that opportunity to make up for the money that was lost when she diagnosed this not consisting variant of the coronavirus.

If you had any humanity, if you had any fellow feeling or in the case of the premier if you had any cojonnies, you would have brought that particular declaration to an end straight away. These people are spiteful they are indifferent to the consequences of their grevious failings.

Our Premier in this situation said he was fuming, not fuming at the Chief Medical Officer where the responsibility lay or the investigators for not carrying out an investigation, he was fuming at this anonymous Spaniard gentleman, carrying on like some drag queen in some fifth grade farce. Saying he wanted to blame the Spaniard, but let me tell you that the Spanish have a lovely word for people like him, it’s Payosa - he’s a clown.

In the circumstances of their conduct on Black Thursday having being exposed, you know what’s happened they’ve rolled out the Covid app, and we all know why, this is happening all over the west and it is taking place in Britain the government has announced that access to the national health service is contingent on getting confirmation on your electric passport of getting the vaccine, that’s happening in Britain.

Alan Joyce. (Boos!)

One morning I turned the radio on and now I heard Joyce saying no jab no flight. (Indistinct). He was talking about our vaccine. And I’m sorry if you think I’m indulging in some ad hominem or personal insult, I am. To see the limitless arrogance and impertinence of these people that think they can treat us like this. May I remind that Alan Joyce is the man who is the man who was personal for driving Israel Folau out of the rugby team for expressing his personal religious views on Facebook.

These people are revealing themselves for what they are. Now someone who knew a lot about tyranny was one of my favourite writers Alexander Solzhenitsyn the one who won the Nobel Price in 1970 for a book called the Gulag Archipelago his experiences in Stalin’s prison camps in the 1950s. In that book he tells us frequently how political prisoners after a day’s slave labour come back to their dormitories and they’d return to one topic of conversation and that topic was why is it that we never took a stand against the tyranny when we had the chance to do so. There were more of us than there were of them. If only we hadn’t been totally dispirited. Promise yourself today when you’re at this rally that you leave the rally that you will never allow yourself to be in the position to have to say that.

(Indistinct) but it is real and it intrudes further and further into our lives on a daily basis. You know it. These times require us to challenge and ridicule and oppose anyone spreading fear and panic but they also require us to cease to comply with the lies. Never wear a mask. Never register electronically. And remember a people who refuse to live the lie there are no loopholes. If you belong to a Church go to your minister or priest or pastor and beseech them by the bowels of Christ to open their Church immediately for a full and unrestricted worship.

Let me end of this. Solzhenitsyn said let us must make the choice whether to remain consciously a servant of falsehood or shrug off the lies and become an honest man worthy of the respect of his own children.

Thank you.



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