Minimum Restriction on the Rights of any person?

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Part 8—Management and control of infectious diseases, micro-organisms and medical conditions

Division 1—Principles applying to the management and control of infectious diseases







The following principles apply to the management and control of infectious diseases—

  1. (a)  the spread of an infectious disease should be prevented or minimised
    with the minimum restriction on the rights of any person;

  2. (b)  a person at risk of contracting an infectious disease should take all reasonable precautions to avoid contracting the infectious disease;
  3. (c)  a person who has, or suspects that they may have, an infectious disease should—
    1. (i)  ascertain whether he or she has an infectious disease and what precautions he or she should take to prevent any other person from contracting the infectious disease; and
    2. (ii)  take all reasonable steps to eliminate or reduce the risk of any other person contracting the infectious disease;
  4. (d)  a person who is at risk of contracting, has or suspects he or she may have, an infectious disease is entitled—(i) to receive information about the infectious disease and any appropriate available treatment;






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