Is there currently a King of Australia?

The author of the Freedom of Information Request made to the Prime Minister and Cabinets Office who administrate the Royal Style and Titles Act which creates a title for the monarch to adopt for use in relation to Australia and its Territories beyond the power of the Parliament of Australia was transferred to the Attorney Generals Office for response.

It is clear that neither the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office nor the Attorney Generals Office can provide a law made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution, binding on all the courts, judges and people of every State and every part of the Commonwealth for the valid creation of a title for the King to adopt in relation to Australia and its Territories. Additionally they could not provide the valid enumerated Head of Power within the Constitution to empower the Parliament to enact an Act to create a title for the monarch to adopt for use in relation to Australia and its Territories.

If no such title exists and no such Act has been created for this adoption where can one point to for the power and authority of the Parliament, the legislator and the Judiciary?


Butterworts Australian Legal Dictionary

Enumerated powers doctrine

The doctrine that, where the Commonwealth seeks to support the validity of its legislation, it is necessary for the

Commonwealth to point to an enumerated power given to it in the Commonwealth Constitution


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The link below clearly shows the Monarch within the Commonwealth Constitution fails to be the current (Alleged) Monarch of Australia