Governor-General – Proclamation of His Majesty King Charles III

On September 11, 2022 the Governor General created a Proclamation to announce Queen Elizabeth the Seconds passing and of  King Charles the Third, now King of Australia. This was proclaimed under the Great Seal of Australia that being the Seal of the Her Majesty, as Queen of Australia. How can the Queen seal be used to proclaim the King under a dead Monarch's seal?


The Great Seal of Australia



Sunday, 11 September 2022

The proclamation of the accession of His Majesty The King, Charles the Third, by the Grace of God King of Australia and his other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth will be announced by the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia at Noon on Sunday 11 September 2022, at Australian Parliament House in Canberra.

If members of the Commonwealth and States Parliaments must swear allegiance to the King of Australia where is their power currently derived from? If there is no new Act, 'Royal Style and Titles Act 2022' enacting the Kings new title how can the title be taken for valid recognition?

If the Australia Act proclaims it is ~

An Act to bring constitutional arrangements affecting the Commonwealth and the States

into conformity with the status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation


Why must Australian politicians swear allegiances to King Charles? Sovereignty is being the Master of ones own Affairs, yet on the world stage Australia is said to be sovereign and independent? Have the Australian people been lied to by the Australian government? Would a referendum not be needed to become a sovereign independent nation? Once sovereign would we not be the master of our own affairs free from seeking the assent of a Foreign King masquerading under a pretended title?


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