Forms under the Federal Court (Bankruptcy) Rules 2016

The Bankruptcy Rules provide for approved forms. Below is a list of all the forms required when dealing with bankruptcy in the Federal Court of Australia. Make sure you seek legal advise as Bankruptcy can be long and windy road.


No. Title Download
B1 Title

Subrule 1.07(5)

docx - 19 kb

pdf - 10kb


Rule 2.01, 6.01, 14.03

docx- 24 kb

pdf - 19kb

B3 Interim application

Rules 2.01, 2.02, 2.03, 6.05, 6.11, 6.16, 14.04, 14.08, 14.09

docx- 22 kb

pdf - 15kb

B4 Notice of appearance

Rule 2.04, 2.06

docx- 20 kb

pdf - 12kb

B5 Notice stating grounds of opposition to application, interim application or petition

Rule 2.06

docx- 21 kb

pdf - 14 kb

B6 Creditor's petition

Rule 4.02

docx - 28 kb

pdf - 30kb

B7 Sequestration order

Rule 4.07

docx- 22 kb  

pdf - 15kb

B8 Referral of debtor's petition

Rule 5.01

B9 Summons for examination

Rules 6.03, 6.08, 6.14

docx- 23 kb

pdf - 16kb

B10 Application for summons to examine relevant person or examinable person

Rules 6.06, 6.12

docx- 21 kb

pdf - 15 kb

B11 Notice to creditors of annulment application

Rule 7.03

docx- 21 kb  

pdf - 14kb

B12 Notice to creditors of application for review of Registrar's decision to make sequestration order

Rule 7.05

docx- 21 kb

pdf - 15kb

B13 Notice to creditors

Rules 9.04, 10.04

docx- 21 kb

pdf - 15kb

B14 Applicant creditor's petition for administration of deceased person's estate

Rule 11.01

docx- 24 kb

pdf - 23kb

B15 Administrator's petition

Rule 11.04

docx- 24 kb

pdf - 22kb

B16 Arrest warrant under section 78 of the Bankruptcy Act 1966

Rule 12.01

docx- 22 kb

pdf - 17kb

B17 Apprehension warrant under section 264B of the Bankruptcy Act 1966

Rule 12.02

docx- 21 kb

pdf - 15kb

Search warrant under section 130 of the Bankruptcy Act 1966

Rule 12.03

docx-24 kb

pdf - 26kb

B19 Consent to act as designated person

Rule 14.05

docx- 20 kb

pdf - 14kb

B20 Notice of filing of application for recognition of foreign proceeding

Rule 14.06

docx- 20 kb

pdf - 13kb

B21 Notice of making of order under Cross-Border Insolvency Act 2008

Rule 14.07

docx- 20 kb

pdf - 13kb

B22 Notice of dismissal or withdrawal of application for recognition of foreign proceeding

Rule 14.07

docx- 20 kb

pdf - 12kb

B23 Notice of filing of application to modify or terminate an order for recognition or other relief

Rule 14.09


Relevant forms under the Federal Court Rules 2011

Forms are in Microsoft Word format

No. Title Instructions
11 Respondent's genuine steps statement When used in a bankruptcy matter, these Federal Court forms should be amended to incorporate Title as in Form B1 above.
16 Applicant's genuine steps statement
59 Affidavit



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