Does the Prime Minister have allegiances to foreign powers who fail to act in the best interest of the Australian People?

In a recent Freedom of Information request seeking information on the Prime Minister and Cabinets involvement with the Socialist World Economic Forum it was revealed Prime Minister Scott Morrison is part of the 'Great Reset' in which the forum brags 'you will own noting and be happy', Morrison has engaged with the forum in the emerging 'International Order'. Morrison also worked with the World Economic Forum to ensure his participation in the Forum becomes a major force in shaping the Great Reset.

So is Morrison working for the Australian People or an international clique of businessmen establishing an International Order (Formerly called New World Order) that fails to be in the interest of all Australians? Where is the power that is subject to the Commonwealth Constitution to allow for such activities that fail to be in our best interests?

Is this a non-violent attempt to subvert, overthrow and undermine our Constitution and sell the Australian people out to this International clique?

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