Documents relating to the New Great Seal of Australia and the Royal Style and Titles Act 1973

In late 1973 there was a silent revolution within the Commonwealth. Without public awareness or consultation the power and authority of the Commonwealth was replaced. The Great Seal of the Commonwealth was defaced and replaced to be that of a new power known as the Queen of Australia.

This statutory entity created by the labour government dissolved the indissoluble Commonwealth. The several States of the Commonwealth remained under the original power within the Sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

12 years later in 1986 the States additionally removed the power and authority of the sovereignty of the United Kingdom with a Requests Act of the several States to the Commonwealth and UK Government to remove the residual connection to the United Kingdom. In both instances the Commonwealth and States remained silent of the changes to your democratic Constitutional Monarchy.

Below is the empowering documents used by stealth to create a new title for the Queen, to destroy and replace the Commonwealth Seal, and all done minus a power to do so within the Constitution.

This post is first in a series, Constitution Watch will be exposing the fraud of the Queen of Australia.

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The  above documents that removed the Crown from the Commonwealth without a referendum via TOP SECRET talks with the Queen. This document changed the cornerstone of the Commonwealth Constitution without the participation of the contracting party, you the people. The document removes the Great seal of the Commonwealth and creates a new corporation sole under the political parties of Australia and it Territories. A new entity outside of the Commonwealth and its Constitution. There is no Enumerated Head of Power within the Constitution to allow for this change to occur. Why was this change done in secret? Was it to hide the removal of the Crown from the people of the Commonwealth?