COVID-19 vaccines – An Australian Review

After millions of people have been vaccinated as often as four times within a year, the effects of these vaccinations are slowly becoming apparent. This review has been written from an Australian perspective with the main focus on the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. We will look at the promises/predictions originally made and the actual facts. We will evaluate the safety and efficacy by looking at the literature and the data from government agencies. The literature review will be summed up in a table listing the so far reported side effects of which many are very serious including death, with this data coming from 1011 case reports. Long term side effects will also be covered and the risk benefit ratio will be explored. The review is ending with some very critical question that need further discussion.


18 pages


We now look at a government review released 4 days ago on 27 September 2022 where none of the factual dangers have been revealed by the government of Australia. There appears to be a continued agenda to continue the push of the scientifically floored vaccines on to the unsuspecting public to meet contractual agreements between government and manufacturers..


7 pages

Quotes attributable to Minister Butler:

“The Australian community has seen the consequences of the Morrison Government being caught flat footed on protecting Australians through vaccinations and treatments.”
“This review will provide a deep dive into current supplies and how we plan for the future vaccine and treatments needs.
“I have already met with Pfizer and Moderna and sought an update on their progress in vaccine development for different variants of COVID as well as paediatric doses.
“I look forward to working with the industry on delivering vaccines and keeping Australians safe from severe illness, now and into the future.”




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