– COVID-19 – Vaccination-Status-Prevention-of-Discrimination-Bill

Could the COVID-19-Vaccination-Status-Prevention-of-Discrimination-Bill receive the parliamentary attention it should deserve or is this another attempt to provide another illusion when in actual fact nothing is being done? After Craig Kelly attempted to enact an anti Covid-19 passport Bill, how can it be taken that the members of the current Parliament act in your best interest to promote democracy and the rule of law?
The bill prohibits the Commonwealth, States and Territories and other government and non- government entities from discriminating on the basis of whether a person has had a COVID- 19 vaccination, in the provision of goods, services and facilities and also in relation to employment, education, accommodation and sport. The bill prevents any interference of free movement between and within States and Territories of the country.
The bill supports the inalienable rights and freedoms of all Australians, acts to minimise interference in our daily lives and aims to reduce the interference imposed by unnecessary, restrictive bureaucratic red tape. As such it acts to ensure human rights in relation to discrimination on the basis of COVID-19 vaccination status.


Explanatory Memorandum


The Bill.