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Dear Fellow Australians & Visitors from afar

You, along with millions of other Australians, were subjected to life-changing events during the Covid era. You now have an opportunity to take a stand and demand accountability and justice by becoming a co-signatory on this collaborative submission.

There have been detrimental effects upon the health and wealth of Australians, on our right to pursue prosperity, our rights of movement, our rights to informed medical consent, and our right to peacefully enjoy Australia.

Those detriments were created by all Australian governments.

SARS-CoV-2 did not pose a substantial risk to most people. In years gone by, a new circulating virus just meant our very old family members required focused protection.

Locking millions of us down was not medically justified. It was done using emergency powers when no true emergency existed. In Australia emergency laws were hastily produced by the States in response to the billions of dollars offered by the Commonwealth Government for the creation of extreme measures that had not been used before and had no scientific justification.

A COVID-19 Royal Commission is needed to examine every aspect of the measures implemented against Australians by those meant to serve Australians, its public servants.

But, a Royal Commission must have proper Terms of Reference. According to the Parliament House website:

On 19 October 2023, the Senate referred an inquiry into the appropriate terms of reference for a COVID-19 Royal Commission that would allow all affected stakeholders to be heard to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee for inquiry… 

It is now time for us to act on this.

Without proper Terms of Reference the Federal Government will waste hundreds of millions of dollars on a Royal Commission that fails to provide the answers Australians need and deserve. Do you want that to happen?

A dedicated team of lawyers spent 60 days consulting with our medical and scientific community to compile proper Terms of Reference.

They did this for no remuneration, so please consider Buying Them a Coffee.

Read the 52 detailed Terms of Reference below to see no stone was left unturned.

Then, become a co-signatory on the document for commending these Terms of Reference to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Reference Committee responsible for recommending which Terms of Reference should be included in the Covid-19 Royal Commission.



By becoming a co-signatory you will send a powerful message.

Australians want a Royal Commission created by Australians
A Royal Commission created by the very public servants it is meant to examine


1. Please read the Terms of Reference, click here to download a copy

2. Join us, become a Co-Signatory.
Your name will appear on these Terms of Reference when submitted on 12th January 2024.