Complaint to R-Kershaw-Chief-Commissioner-of-the-AFP

The more I research the more I discover how politicians and so also the Minister for Health have disregard appropriate check and balances to seek to avoid children being harmed. How many now in adulthood are still suffering due to having been vaccinated? There need to be a proper investigation and compensation for those unduly harmed. The entire so called system must be overhauled and those in the medical profession who ignored the rights of patients should be held legally accountable. The more video's I watch of a person being jabbed the more it is evidently clear that aspirating is ignored, and by this places the health and wellbeing of the person unduly at risk. Forget about your political party preference, throw out the party in government so to send a warning, as was done in the federal election. Not that we might better replacement but at least it is a start to let them know that there will be no security for a next term when you ignore the electorate!
Constitutionalist & Consultant
Mr. G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B., GUARDIAN