BREAKING NEWS: Original Sovereign Tribal Federation: “Unite and stand down the Quasi Australian government.”

Please support the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation "(OSTF)" in their fight against tyrannical Government trespassing upon their cultural lands. We here at Constitution Watch support the OSTF in claiming back their tribal heritage and lands and compel the people of Australia to show your support to the original Sovereigns of this great land who support the Australian People of all nations.


#freedomwalk These are the true leaders of our country speaking the truth about our History and what must happen for all Australians to regain our Freedom.Unite and stand down this quasi government please share far and wide***EDIT*** Thankyou to everyone who has liked, commented and shared. For further information on the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation and the Great Australian Party, please go to their websites [new OSTF website] and Both have made media statements which will be released tomorrow and the forms that were served on the Government will be available to sign and send to their Governers or Administrators if they wish to.

Posted by Craig Oldroyd on Friday, 11 September 2020



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