The Australian Flag, what are the Rules?

This is an excerpt of the Australian Flags booklet and deals with The protocols for the appropriate use and flying of the flag.


Commercial Use of the Flag

The Flag or Flag Image


The Australian National Flag, or representation of the flag, may be used for commercial or advertising purposes without formal permission, subject to the following guidelines:

The flag should be used in a dignified manner and reproduced completely and accurately

> The flag should not be defaced by overprinting with words or illustration

The flag should not be covered by other objects in displays

All symbolic parts of the flag should be identifiable.

Below is the 23 page government except explaining proper usage.




Are the following Flags Compliant and who do they represent?


Did you know Australia has 4 Flags Acts?

The previous enactments were by the Commonwealth Parliament (Commonwealth of Australia). How is it the following Act can be valid under an Australian Parliament that not only fails to be recognised within the Commonwealth Constitution but also fails to be recognised by the High Court.

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