Sign Petition EN4090 – Stop The Digital Identity Legislation (Trusted Digital Identity Bill).

The proposed Digital Identity Legislation is a threat to every Australians privacy and security. We the undersigned vigorously oppose and do not consent to this proposed legislation being passed. We express our overwhelming concern for the following: • Use and sharing of our personal or biometric information to third parties. • The lack of clarity about how the private sector will and will not be able to use the scheme. • The ability to gather detailed profiles of individual Australians. • Potential misuse, identity fraud and contribution to discriminatory practices, even if indirectly. • A Western version of China’s ‘social credit’ scheme emerging. With all the global talks of imminent cyber-attacks, including the QR Code data breaches in Victoria and NSW, it is evident that Australians personal information will not be kept safe within a digital identity framework.

We therefore ask the House to stay with the status quo MyGov as our one and only digital identity in Australia. We as Australians, have the right to private life, home and correspondence as a protection, the right to trade freely within the Commonwealth, the right to be free from discrimination and the compliance and compatibility of all acts, bills and legislations with our Human Rights. We trust that you will do the right thing by all Australian’s including for our children and all future generations by not passing the Digital Identity Legislation, so we can continue to live in a country where our privacy and freedoms are protected and celebrated.

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Closing date for signatures: 27 April 2022 10:59 PM (AEST)10 days left


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