Section 51(xxiiiA) High Court Challenge.

Below is a summary of an upcoming High Court challenge to have section 51(xxiiiA) to be interpreted by the High Court of Australia to confirm the case outcomes of

  • BreenV.Williams HCA (1996)
  • Wong V. Commonwealth HCA (2009)

The Wong & Breen cases interpreted 51(xxiiiA) to be a guarantee not only for the health care provider but also you, the patient. The doctor patient relationship  is enshrined and is private in nature between doctor and patient, this doctor patient bubble cannot be penetrated (not even by the government), it is voluntary and only with your consent. There exists a Constitutional guarantee on the prohibition of "any form of civil conscription" which is designed to protect patients from having the supply of medical and dental services otherwise than by private contract, forced upon them.



A word from Glenn Floyd.

We have the case Covington V. Covington applied to the High Court of Australia now after four corrupt lower court cases trying to STOP it going to a High Court Full Bench when we applied with 26 February 2021 application uploaded to the High Court. (Application below).

The case is about a lovely 11 your girl whose name is court-suppressed as Covington (and we have named her Australiana Covington); and she has NEVER been vaccinated and she died within seconds of a tetanus injection 5 years ago and had to be brought back to life under Intensive Care.

Her father is forcing her to be vaccinated with 16 April 2021 Family Court Orders with 63 vaccines and her mother is fighting this and we have brought the case only today 7 June 2021 to the High Court now for Full Bench decision! Tragically, the mother has been FORCED to pay about $10,000 court costs of the father and the mother cannot pay costs!! If you can assist costs; please do!!

This is a FORCED-VACCINE watershed precedent case (since the 1946 s51(xxiiiA) Constitution amendment banning forced medical services affecting ALL Australians and if we lose, we will have to start again, I have been working this case up (without charging anything) every day since 3 December 2020!

Glenn Floyd

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