Legal Action against forced medication in Australia.

Constitution Watch would like to bring to your attention the Go-Fund-Me campaign currently underway by our good friend, lawyer Matt Hopkins. Matt is making a stand against the medical tyranny being imposed on all Australians. Please donate to this amazing cause so Matt can make a difference for all Australians.


I am commencing two legal actions against forced medication in Australia.

The 1st action is against forced fluoridation of NSW water supplies, which applies in all states and territories,

The 2nd action is against the coercive suite of No Jab laws.

The law I am relying upon is section s51(xxiiiA) of our Constitution, which prohibits forced medication.

See how s51(xxiiiA) protects us in the attachments below:

Each letter explains how our constitutional protection against forced medication works.

Why are these two actions important?   Your body your choice right?

These actions are about asserting each individual's right to choose.   Without this right you essentially are the property of the state.

Our High Court have made it clear that s51(xxiiiA) is a constitutional guarantee protecting each Australian against having medical procedures upon us without our consent.



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