Over the last six years the authors and researchers on this project have reviewed hundreds of pounds of material, traveled to other countries and interviewed person within and without government about the current apparent disregard for our constitution and God-given rights. Because of innumerable man hours, this research team has uncovered a different or covert "Modus Operandi" and this mode of operation or MO has been to conduct a type of quiet was against the People of America.

The authors present the information as education material only and we do not hold out the material in this book to be the basis of a legal opinion, nor should the reader. It is hoped that the information presented will spark many conversations around the kitchen table, with the Constitution in one hand and the BIBLE (the basis of our law) in the other. (See Public Law 96-1211).

It is recommended, before undertaking any legal action, you consult a QUALIFIED person to review and advise you (and your attorney) in International Law/Admiralty-Maritime Process.

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