INFANRIX HEXA Consumer Medicine Information

When INFANRIX hexa must not be given

INFANRIX hexa should not be given if your child has had an allergic reaction to:

• INFANRIX hexa or any of the active ingredients in the vaccine

• any of the ingredients listed at the end of this leaflet.

• any other diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, inactivated polio or Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine (such as ENGERIX-B®, H-B-Vax IITM, INFANRIX®, Triple AntigenTM, TripacelTM or IPOLTM vaccine, HIBERIX®).

Some of the symptoms of an allergic reaction may include:

• shortness of breath

• wheezing or difficulty breathing

• swelling of the face, lips, tongue or other parts of the body

• rash, itching or hives on the skin

If your child had INFANRIX hexa before and became unwell, tell your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before the next dose is given.

INFANRIX hexa should not be given if:

• your child experienced a disease of the brain within 7 days after previous vaccination with a pertussis containing vaccine.

• your child has a severe infection with a high temperature. A minor infection such as a cold should not be a problem, but talk to your doctor or nurse about this before vaccination.


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