Email to Health Department.

Please send the below email or correspondence to the Department of Health, the Public Health and Well Being Act 2008 imposes an obligation on the Health Department to provide you with reliable in formation to facilitate a good understanding of the current public health issues. We require the mortality rate of the infectious disease to ascertain if the measures imposed are proportionate to the death rate. Unofficially we are lead to believe the survival rate is greater than 99%. If so we ask you to ask yourself to are the restraints on your freedoms disproportionate to the risk?



Principle of accountability

(1)     Persons who are engaged in the administration of this Act should as far as is practicable ensure that decisions are transparent, systematic and appropriate.

(2)     Members of the public should therefore be given—

(a)     access to reliable information in appropriate forms to facilitate a good understanding of public health issues; and

(b)     opportunities to participate in policy and program development.



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