Another Stuff-Up By VicRoads


CPS (Club Permit Scheme)Renewals  The IIRA has been advised that the AOMC (Association Of Motoring Clubs) has received many reports from member clubs of CPS holders NOT receiving their renewal notices or receiving them late. This has resulted in the vehicle becoming UNREGISTERED. This means that the driver of the vehicle is liable for a large fine if found to be driving the vehicle while the CPS is not valid!   We understand that VicRoads allows only a short period of grace for renewal.  If this is exceeded then the vehicle is considered unregistered and will need to undergo a fresh Roadworthy Test before reregistering on the CPS.VicRoads advise that the process of issuing CPS renewal notices has been “contracted out” and that renewal notices are now typically sent to owners about 4 weeks before expiry (in contrast to fully registered vehicles where renewals are sent out about 6 weeks before expiry).Clubs are strongly reminded to alert their members that responsibility for registration of a vehicle is with the owner and that they should check their renewal dates. Go check your Club Permit renewal dates NOW and mark your diary to chase up the renewal around 3 weeks PRIOR to the expiry – it is YOUR responsibility to do this! If an owner has not received their CPS renewal notice within say 2 weeks of expiry then they should take the receipt of their previous payment to a VicRoads office and request that a new renewal notice be generated on the spot. The AOMC has received reports that although the owner may have made a payment and received a receipt, the payment has not been processed in the CPS database and vehicle is recorded as unregistered hence no renewal notice has been generated for the following year. Note that changes of address need to be advised to VicRoads for all vehicles and driver’s licences. As the CPS vehicles are recorded on a separate database from the fully registered vehicles and driver’s licences these address changes need to be separately advised to VicRoads for the CPS vehicles. The above issues have been formally raised with VicRoads by the AOMC.You have been warned – what a shame that the public servants that WE pay for with OUR taxes seem incapable of performing the work we pay them to do.


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